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Hardwood Installation

Solid hardwood flooring can really transform your home and make your home stand out. We help all of our customers pick out the right material for their home and make sure we install them properly. Give us a call today for a free consultation and estimate for hardwood 



In more modern homes laminate has become a more appealing choice for most homeowners. With materials out there that make laminate look more like real wood it is a great alternative. Give us a call today to get an estimate to install laminate in your home.


pre-finished hardwood

With prefinished flooring, you get all the advantages of the factory-applied extra-durable surface seal plus a great look for your home. Find out today why many homeowners are considering using this material for their floor.


Wood Flooring sanding

Sanding your hardwood floor and really bring out the true color of the wood. Hardwood typically lasts for life of the home but due to wear and tear needs a good sanding job once in a while. Call us today to get your floors sanded!


Hardwood Flooring Repair

We provide top quality hardwood repair services in new jersey. We know having a chip or broken hardwood panels can ruin the look of your floors. Give us a call today to get an estimate for us to come out and repair your floors!


Refinishing hardwood flooring

Refinishing your hardwood floors and really bring out the color and life of your floors. We provide high quality refinishing for your hardwood floors. Call today for estimate!